Isla de Palo Brasil or “Island of paint timber”

The Leeward Islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao rose about 100 million years ago under the sea.
The rock formations on the oldest of these islands therefore mainly exists of rocks of volcanic origin.

The first inhabitants of Bonaire were Caiquetio Indians who reached the island from Venezuela around 1000 AD.
Remainders of these Indians can be found in the form of petroglyphs near Onima on the east coast of Bonaire.

Bonaire’s history starts in the year 1499, when the Spaniards “discovered” Bonaire.
In 1636 the Dutch took possession of Bonaire and after a period between 1799 and 1816, in which Bonaire were in the hands of various countries, Bonaire became Dutch again in 1816.

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